Personal Shopper For Your Makeup Bag!


I absolutely love being able to offer this service! Who doesn't love going shopping for makeup??!

If you're answering 'me' to this question, then this is why I'm here to help. 

Although we are based in Oxford, we are more than happy to take a day trip to London, Reading, Milton Keynes, or please feel free to suggest another location. 

This service is available for £25 per hour, plus all travel expenses to be covered by the client. 

My clients love coming shopping with me because... 

❤ We have lots of girly fun and chatter 

❤ We don’t just throw your cash at one single counter

❤ You don’t have to sit in the middle of a crowded store for an hour and have the whole general public stare at you, then walk away with a half made up face, then go on to purchase products that you don't even want, through feeling under pressure to do so. 

❤ As I am your personal shopping assistant, I am not with you to make you spend spend spend, I am not working on commission and you are not just another number.

❤ Most importantly, I make product suggestions based on your budget. I do not believe that one single makeup manufacturer does everything right.  Nor do I believe that you have to buy only high end department store makeup to achieve the flawless look.   

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